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Donna has years of experience teaching swimming to kids of all ages and the ability to teach the youngest infant and most reluctant toddler. I highly recommend her!

*Judy Heumann*

Donna's years of experience and loving personality towards kids is a hard combination to find in an swim instructor. Since our son's lessons with Donna, he enjoys swimming more than ever and knows how to stay safe around a pool while having fun. We have been blessed as a family knowing our 2 1/2 year old has been taught the Swim Float Swim. We would highly recommend her services.

*Kelsy Bauer*

Ms. Donna came to my house and had my 3 year old daughter swimming in no time! After 6 weeks, I feel so much more comfortable with my daughter in the pool, she can swim to the side and get out from anywhere in the pool! My son was 16 months and could swim to the step and was learning to float and turn over. If you want your kids to learn to swim fast, Ms. Donna is your lady! We look forward to our next sessions with Donna!!

*Lindsey Bell*

Ms. Donna has a lot of tricks up her sleeve for getting your baby safer around water. She is THE best!

*Shannon O'Lear*

Warm, friendly person and best instructor you can have!

*Sonali Shenoy*

Our son is now confidently swimming after 5 weeks with Ms. Donna and mommy and daddy feel so much better!! Ms. Donna was great with him and he still talks about her often!

*Alisha Patterson*

Ms. Donna has been a great transition for my daughter in her swim experience. We started at another school which is very popular in the area, thinking since they're so busy they must be better. The pool in the other school was so crowded and loud that my daughter was so distracted and cried, and it took her so long to learn each new skill. Ever since she has been with Donna for the last two weeks my daughter has made leaps and bounds and does not cry or complain. She just loves her! Her skill and experience is very evident in the water. Look no further she is well worth it.

*Theresa Kad*

My 4 yr old daughter swam with Miss Donna! She was very fearful also known as a "tough Cookie" She had some previous bad experiences in the water. Through Donna Mallon’s fast track program and specialized technique she was able to get my daughter not only to learn to swim safely in the water but also gave her the self confidence of a life time! It was amazing, she covered all four strokes and beginning flip turns and dives! Before Swim Shine Infant Aquatics, I had little hope Megan would ever get over her anxiety of the water. Thank you dearly from the bottom of my heart for saving my little girl!! 

*Tiffany Carraway*

Ms Donna taught both my boys (2 year old and 9 month old) and we are so incredibly grateful for the lifelong life saving skill they now have. She was always incredibly patient and always made it fun!!

*Kristen Aker*

We just love miss Donna! Results are amazing and fast!

*Edmee Lopes da Graca*

My 7 year old had the absolute pleasure this past summer to have Donna as a swim instructor. Last year he tried out for a local swim team and failed miserably. But we met Donna and she was just fantastic and so knowledgeable. She taught him how to do all swim strokes; freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke. In less then six weeks he was ready to try out. Needless to say he made the local team all thanks to her. I know there was another girl who learned strokes with her as well and made the local team. Her experience shows and the bond she creates with each kids is just incredible to watch. Not only did my son learn but also had fun during each swim lesson. We highly recommend her!!!

*Zoey Martinez*

We love Donna! She worked with my 4.5 year old and 20 month old. I saw such fast results with her. She’s very creative with the toys and props she uses. We drove very far to work specifically with her and it was so worth it! Highly recommend her! Side note: My 20 month olds speech actually improved once we started lessons. Fascinating!

*Amber Farnes*

Ms. Donna has been working with my two year old for six weeks now and I'm simply AMAZED at how well she has transformed my son. He was completely terrified of water prior to taking lessons with Ms. Donna. After just four lessons he became a water baby. He now loves being in the water. It's not just what she did for him but also what she gave my husband and I. She worked with us to so we would be able to swim with our son. We feel confident and comfortable with our son around our pool. I feel like I can relax and take a deep breath without having an anxiety attack when he is walking around the pool. I highly recommend using Ms. Donna if you are looking for someone to give swim lessons. You will not be disappointed.

*Lisa Colombo Cort*

As my 6 year old son says, "Donna is the best swim teacher in the whole world!". I came to Donna with my son who had taken lessons elsewhere a couple of years ago for about 6 months. He never got to full confidence in the water and eventually became fearful without a floatation device. Donna did with him, and my 4 year old beginner, in 9 short lessons, far beyond what was previously accomplished! Both my 6 year old and 4 year old have confidence to swim the length of the pool, with beginning strokes, dive, and get to safety on their backs and to the side! It is obvious Donna has lots of experience and she treats each child according to their specific needs. To top it off, she is simply a delightful and patient teacher! Her prices are affordable too.

*Stephanie D Smith*

Donna has been amazing with my boys! 4 & 2 if you want your child to learn to swim and feel confident she’s your gal.

*Jamie Munoz*

Donna is FABULOUS!!! Our daughter was fearless but a little scared to be with someone else and Donna was patient and kind and our daughter had a breakthrough and is now loving it. If your kiddos are scared at first keep at it, their breakthrough is coming and they will be little fishies before you know it! Donna is the best!!!

*Summer Brant*

Donna is amazing!!! In just 8 lessons she has taught my 4 year old how to feel confident in the water and swim!! Such a great instructor!

*Laura Pistilli*

My 3 yr old son completed classes with Miss Donna this past winter in anticipation of our new pool build. Well, our pool was finished last month and he is swimming like a little, confident fish! I continue to supervise him but do not worry incessantly about his safety! It is an amazing feeling to know he has the skills necessary to be safe and comfortable! Thank you Miss Donna!!!

*Robin McCaverty*

Donna is great and her expertise is apparent right away. Our Son is three and a half and has been to 5 of the 12 lessons and is swimming, rolling and floating, going to the bottom of the pool and down the slide and to the wall no problem! Thank you Donna for working with our Owen!

*JenandJarred Brink*

We just completed our first lesson and my little guy (3 years old) loved it and did not want to get out! Miss Donna is so warm and welcoming and has some awesome tricks up her sleeves to get kids comfortable with the water and learn basic swim safety skills. I was really impressed and excited to see how much progress my kid will make in the program!

*Courtney Ellis*

Our son had his first lesson today and he was so thrilled to come home and tell me about it! He can’t wait to go back to his next lesson. So glad we found such an awesome swim teacher for him. 🐬

*Annie Diehl*

Donna has been our son's swim instructor since he was 11 months old. She has been his biggest cheerleader since day 1! She is always willing to go the extra mile and really WANTS these kids to succeed. It's apparent she really loves her job and holds it in a high regard as this is life saving skills she is teaching. Our son has come a long way in a short time and we are still taking lessons with Donna! I don't see us stopping anytime soon as this is a life skill that needs consistent work! Give Donna a try and you won't be sorry!

*Jennifer Toledo*

Madison has really become more confident in the water and with each class she shows signs of improvement thanks to Donna Mallon & Swim Shine Infant Aquatics Academy.

*Chrissy Hamm*

So fun! My daughter has learned so much.

*Erin Nash-Fairfax*

Miss Donna is a great teacher and the 1 on 1 Is perfect for my lil swimmer. In just a few lessons my 3 year old was super confident AND capable in the pool. Her methods work and my daughter loves her.

*Heather Hively*

My son went from not swimming at all (age 3) to floating for 10 seconds in just a few lessons. This is far the BEST investment we have made for our babies. I’m proud of how far our kiddos have came from not swimming at all to swimming the pool.

Ms Donna radiates joy and passion teaching children safe swimming *swim float swim* while meeting each child’s individual needs and learning abilities.

Thank you, Ms Donna for teaching my kiddos how to swim safely.

*Melissa Van Wert*

This is an amazing experience for Collin. Miss Donna is so gentle and kind. Collin has learned so much in a short time.

*Teresa L. Pierce Stehle*

miss Donna changed my son's fear of swimming to love in 10 lessons!! we love her!!

*Dominic Julia Dublino*

My daughter went from screaming to swimming laps in 24 sessions. It was the best decision we have made for our 3 yr old ♥️

*Lauren H. Nelson*

Miss Donna is an outstanding teacher. She is kind, patient, professional, and loves what she does. Our daughter is thriving working with her. She has grown by leaps and bounds. When she began classes with Miss Donna she was hesitant to put her face in the water and now she’s swimming under water with confidence! We are so thankful for Miss Donna’s knowledge and passion for teaching!

*Stephanie Wensel

Miss Donna is the best! My 5 year old has taken lessons that past 2 summers but still wasn't confident and never mastered rolling on her back to breathe. After 2 lessons, she was floating on her own! After 12, she's a little fish, swimming and floating all over the pool. My 3 year old went into his first lesson in tears but couldn't wait to go back on day 2. After 6 lessons, he was swimming and floating too! I can't recommend Miss Donna enough!

*Kari McElroy*

Can't recommend Miss. Donna enough! Our 3 year old went from not wanting to get her face wet, to doing her "swim-float-swim" across the pool. Not only do we have peace of mind knowing she is water safe, but she has truly grown a love of swimming. She asks every morning if it is a swim day with Miss. Donna!

*Denise Williams*

Look no further for a swim instructor! I reached out to Miss Donna after moving to Temecula from New York in need of a great swim instructor for my son who is on the Autism Spectrum. She was able to somehow fit him into her busy schedule during the end of her 2020 swim season. Miss Pearl instructed my son along with Donna. My son went from not swimming at all to being an independent swimmer in less than 2 weeks!!! Trust the process, it’s absolutely incredible how these women taught him how to swim so quickly. They also taught my husband and I some methods to practice with at home. Highly, highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed!!

*Julissa Adovasio*

I can’t say enough great things about Donna. Living in Cape Coral with a 3 year old, I knew I needed to get him swimming ASAP. He was swimming by his third lesson! After we completed the course he’s a proficient swimmer and loves being in the water. I highly recommend Donna. She’s also very kind and gentle with the kids ♥️♥️♥️

Hillary Gruener

Miss Donna is a gem💛 We are so lucky to have found her swim school. She has Infant Aquatics for both babies and toddlers and my son was swimming within two week and mastered swimming on his own by six weeks! My son looked forward to classes every day. Miss Donna makes learning a serious skill fun and interactive for the kids.

*Renee Botterman*

Ms. Donna is absolutely amazing. She was so patient and calm with my two year old daughter. She was so advanced by two weeks she shocked my parents and in-laws with how well she swam when we went to their homes for a visit.
Coming from someone who, herself, has major anxiety around water, I was absolutely terrified about the dangers my fearless girl would get into if she didn't get lessons. Ms. Donna has not only helped her become a little fish but has also helped to ease my own fears as well.
I cannot say enough great things about her. My daughter looked forward to swimming with her on a daily basis. She's absolutely worth it!

*Taylor Clayton*

I am so grateful we found Ms. Donna! My daughter (almost 3) struggled with ISR and the instructor last summer and never got truly comfortable in the water. She went from barely wanting to put her face in the water on the first day to swimming the whole length of the pool by herself with Ms. Donna.
Ms. Donna’s demeanor is so kind and gentle and she makes swimming fun with toys/props and flippers, something that ISR is missing out on.

*Samantha Klodzinski*


Donna is an amazing instructor. She taught my 5 year old granddaughter life saving techniques. She has patience & provides instruction based on ability. Fantastic experience for all Highly! My granddaughter was so proud of her accomplishments. Highly recommended!

*Sue Rosa*

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