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Registration Fee

One time registration fee for      new clients. $50 per family.      *Non-refundable

Infant Aquatics Survival 

Infant Survival (Floater)
(6 - 12 months)
16 Lessons for $400.00

*Must commit to 4x a week for 4 consecutive weeks to get the expected results for this accelerated program*  This 4-week program teaches infants six to twelve months to roll over from a face down or submerged position onto their backs to relax and breathe. Lessons are one-on-one.

16 Lessons | 4 Days a Week |

15 minutes | 4 Consecutive weeks

Swim Float Swim Survival (Walker)
(1 year old - 4 years)
24 Lessons for $600.00

*Must commit to 4x a week for 6 consecutive weeks 

to get the expected results for this accelerated program*

This 6-week program teaches toddlers and younger children the swim-float-swim sequence. Children will learn to swim a short distance, to roll onto their back to float and rest whenever they need to breathe, and to flip back onto their tummy. The Swim Float Swim sequence serves as the foundation for future stroke development and prepares our students to advance into our Fast Track lessons. Lessons are one-on-one.


24 Lessons | 4 Days a Week |

15 minutes | 6 Cosecutive Weeks

Fast Track Lessons

Fast Track (5+ years old - Pre Swim Team)
16 Lessons for $400.00

Private one-on-one lessons are 15 minutes long and 3x-4x a week for 4-5 consecutive weeks. Children will learn to perform the Swim Float Swim sequence in preparation for introductory stroke technique classes.


16 Lessons | 15 minutes

Sensory Swim-Adapted Aquatics

For those with disabilities and on the autism spectrum
Sensory 16 Lessons (6-14 yrs old) for $400.00
Sensory 24 Lessons (1-5 yrs old) for $600.00

*Must commit to 4x a week for 4 or 6 consecutive weeks to get the expected results for this

accelerated program*                                                          Swim Shine Aquatics believes that every child should have the opportunity to benefit from these fundamental skills and enjoy water in a safe and comfortable environment, including children with disabilities and on the autism spectrum.

Lessons are one-on-one.

16 Lessons | 15 minutes

24 Lessons | 15 minutes


Maintenance/Refresher Lessons

Maintenance/Refresher 10 Lessons for $250.00

Maintenance/Refresher lessons are a continuation to your child's completed program with Swim Shine Aquatics. Lessons can be 1x to 2x a week. Geared for your child to strengthen and keep up their survival skills and will be learning new skills for a strong foundation for learning stroke technique and diving.

Lessons are one-on-one.

10 Lessons | 15 minutes

30 minute Lessons

30 minute lessons (6+ yrs old) 

10 Lessons for $380.00

Lessons are one-on-one and 30 minutes long.
*No Promo Codes can be applied to this program*

10 Lessons | 30 minutes

Adult Lessons

Adult 10 Lessons for $400.00

Our Adult lessons are for the beginner, fearful of the water or one who just wants to improve stroke efficiency and breathing skills. We cover the basics all the way through developing skills to swim all four competitive strokes. We also learn fundamentals of fun underwater swimming for snorkeling! This program is fast paced but never intimidating and will work at your pace as well, leaving you with gained confidence and skills to now enjoy swimming for life!

Lessons are one-on-one.


10 Lessons | 30 minutes 

Mobile Swim Lessons - Off Season

November - January

Taught by Miss Pearl
Mobile Swim 10 Lessons for $400.00

We come to your heated pool!

Private one-on-one lessons.

Swim Float Swim and Stroke Development.

10 Lessons | 30 minutes

To schedule lessons please call or text              Miss Pearl @ (951) 370-3302

Coming Soon

RIPPLES: Beginner Stroke

Technique, focus and fun! Learning the right way first! This class builds on our unique foundation building core strength, breath control, buoyancy and balance. Stroke Development in all four competitive strokes, learning proper head/body positioning and bilateral breathing. Our drills and skills are to produce efficient and streamline strokes in the water. This class also teaches beginning starts, turns and beginning diving!

WAVES: Intermediate Stroke

Technique, endurance and refinement of Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. This class builds on the Ripples class for a strong development of the next level of intermediate swim skills. This class will also cover intermediate drills, intermediate starts, turns and dives. Proper technique over speed first for a strong foundation will improve swimmers progression. 

DOLPHINS: Advanced Pre-team

preparation Stroke

Physical conditioning to build strength and stamina while refining strokes to prevent bad habits and covering swim team surface dives and flip turns! This class builds on our WAVES group and is fast paced! Swim team etiquette will also  be emphasized to be swim team ready upon completion! 

Mermaid/Dolphin Fin, Fun, Fitness!

For Boys and Girls! Class is 45min. 


This class is designed for a fun and amazing aquatic workout utilizing the dolphin kick swim technique while teaching safety and breath control when using these mermaid tails! 


*Strengthens core muscles

*Increases stamina

*Builds endurance

*Tones and strengthens your whole body All while having fun swimming and playing like mermaids and dolphins!!